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Jobs by frankernstein

Do you ever get that craving for your favorite Chinese dish, but it's too late to go out and eat or just not convenient? Well now you can satisfy that craving and make it yourself in the comfort of your own kitchen! This collection of 100 succulent Chinese Recipes is just what you need! It has a neatly organized Table of Contents, that makes it easy to find just the recipe you're looking for!

I will make you into a cartoon obama hope poster for £5

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I will make you into a Obama Hope poster using my incredible photoshop skills :) Perfect for Facebook / Twitter. I normally turn this order around in a few hours, but just in case i'm asleep, let's say one day MAX!! Just send me your photo (as high resolution as you have it), let me know which word you'd like and i'll get straight to work!! Have a great day & thanks for looking:)

I will write any message or slogan you want on the blackboard as if Albert Einstein wrote them, like the picture shown. I will send you the hi-res jpg result at 800px by 600px at 300dpi (good quality!) No hateful / porn / illegal stuff or vulgarities. Message me first if in doubt.

I will give you a Hi-Resolution Wikipe-tan holding a sign with your logo / website / message for £5 - This image will be as a transparent png file so will easily be embedded into any website or blog etc. The image size will be 2000px x 2000px at 300dpi Normally takes 1 hour to fulfil this order (but please allow 24 hours if i'm unavailable / busy). Have a great day!!

I will give you a photo of a sexy girl with your logo, slogan or website across her chest. Great for online promotions! It will be this exact photo with your design and will be sent to you as a 300dpi jpeg measuring 720px x 481px Please see photos shown for examples. You can use it to promote events, your website, or just as a fun gift for a friend! Cheers:)

I will write your message on a motorway neon sign for £5

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Why not advertise your website, business, product, or service. Or send a friendly greeting! This job is perfect for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and other events as well! Just BE SURE to keep your message to a maximum of 4 lines at 12 characters max per line. SEE EXAMPLE PHOTOS as a taste of what you'll get! If you have any questions before your order, just send me a message. I hope to work with you soon :)

I will create a funny gas / petrol station sign for £5

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The Original and still the best!! (thanks to the imitators)! I will photoshop your message (or website) in the exxon petrol sign font, onto this USA petrol station sign. I usually deliver in a couple of hours, but sometimes I sleep ;) 5 lines MAX, 16 chars per line MAX (you can also tell me the price of gas if you want too!!)

I can send your ad to more than 1,500+ English-speaking, general audience, CLASSIFIED AD sites for just £5.00. Must have a URL for me to send your ads. SHORT subject heading (50 characters or less) Ads of 2 sizes - (50 Words or less) + (25 words or less). Please, NO dating or sexually-related, scams or illegal ads.

I will create 6000 VERIFIED backlinks using Xrumer for £5

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I will create 6000 verified backlinks for you, and deliver within 3 days with a full report. You are allowed one URL with up to three keywords. We have eight dedicated 100mbps servers (i7 / xenon based, 8gb ram) so there's no waiting around for weeks like other sellers. **Gig Recently Updated to Include DOUBLE the link juice.